Welcome to the Deaf Expo!

The Auckland Deaf Community with support from Merge NZ is organising the Deaf Expo in Auckland on Sunday, 1st October. It was hoped to host Deaf Expo every year during the International Week of the Deaf (on the last Sunday of September).
There will be mini Deaf Expo held in Wellington next year, in 2018 as part of their celebration for the International Week of the Deaf. More information to come at later dates.
As well, there will be a nationwide Deaf Expo in 2019. We are now seeking people who wish to be part of the NZ Deaf Expo committee. Please feel free to contact the founder of Deaf Expo and NZ Deaf Expo Coordinator (Lyneen Allen).
We welcome any Deaf or NZSL-friendly organisations who wish to work collaboratively and be part of the Deaf Expo in local cities.
NZ Deaf Expo wishes you all, exhibiters, guest signers and visitors have a wonderful time celebrating the International Week of the Deaf at the Auckland's Deaf Expo.

Upcoming events

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International Week of the Deaf 2017

18 - 24 September 2017

IWD2017 POSTERIWD 2017 Key Messages